Individual tours

A journey through time among the many Sicilies

This is an area particularly rich which concentrates in itself the many contrasting faces of Sicily: from hotel Palladio within a range of a few kilometres you pass from the tourist Sicily, with advanced equipment, nightlife and trendy shops to a popular Sicily, at times fixed in the past, set in a wilderness virtually untouched and right here, more than in other areas, coexist, overlaying or interlocked, the Greek Sicily, the Arab-Norman Sicily and the baroque Sicily.

Alcantara Valley

Easily reachable from the Hotel Palladio, you can explore it by its own means or renting them.
You’ll discover the inland of Sicily, following the paths of the river between extraordinary natural scenery, medieval towns, castles and fortresses.The towering basalt walls of the Alcantara gorges, adventure trails in the beautiful natural water slide of the river or quiet walks among waterfalls and ponds in the opulent Mediterranean vegetation of the park, a medieval town and the castles that dominate the valley giving spectacular views of Mount Etna.

Agrò Valley

As the Alcantara Valley, the Val d’Agro is easily accessible from the Hotel Palladio, you can explore it by its own means, hire or book a tour through the hotel. You will climb green hills to find ancient villages hanging over the sea and time, treasures of the architecture Arab Norman and Gothic and magnificent landscapes.
Here have been filmed the Sicilian scenes of the movie The Godfather who wanted to portray an archaic Sicily: little has changed since then. Climbing the hill you will find fascinating towns with churches of the Sicilian Gothic, a crypt with the mummies of the local nobles and, in the shore of a river, a magnificent basilica, an amazing synthesis of the architecture Byzantine, Arab and Norman.

Cyclops riviera

From a high cliff you descend towards the picturesque coastline with the ”faraglioni” (cliffs), originated by submarine eruptions, leading to a Norman fortress black with lava rock and to the harbour for fishermen.The fishermen villages where geology, myth and literature intersect: here begins the volcanic activity before the formation of Mount Etna and these are the sites of the “Odyssey” and “I Malavoglia”. Crystal clear sea, the colourful boats of the fishermen, the cliff with the suggestive castle and its pitfalls.