Taormina & Castelmola

Thanks the magnificence of its theater (the Ancient Theatre of Taormina with its view of Etna and of the sandy bay of Giardini Naxos is of an almost unbelievable beauty) and to its particular location, nestled in the steep rock slope of Mount Tauro, the fashionable and picturesque Taormina, with its narrow streets and staircases has always been the capital of Sicilian tourism.
Taormina is 3 km away from Hotel Palladio and reachable by car from the SP 10 or the San Vincenzo road (the main street of Taormina is a pedestrian area and there are two large parking lots which are quite expensive) or by bus with Autolinea INTERBUS, the bus stop is in front of the Hotel Palladio, with frequent links between the two towns, about every 30 minutes (ticket on the bus and the cost is 1.50 euro) and in Summer even past midnight or walking in 15 minutes along the scenic path of Madonna delle Grazie which arrives right at the center of Taormina starting from the train station (1 km away from Hotel Palladio). The path of Madonna delle Grazie, however, a shame for the Municipal Administration which does not take care of its maintenance, being dimly lit and uneven in some places, should be carefully taken only during the day.

What to see in Taormina

Carved on narrow terraces of Mount Tauro, Taormina is enclosed between the two gates, Porta Ferdinanda (now Porta Messina), and Porta del Tocco (or Porta Catania) connected by the pedestrian Corso Umberto, (the ancient consular Valeria built during the First Punic War to join Messina to Syracuse)..History


Giardini Naxos (on the beach) and Taormina (on the mount Tauro) share a splendid area, travel destination since ancient times.The two towns (which have been administratively separated only in 1847) verge right in the enchanting bay of Naxos: Taormina, nestled in the steep rock slope of Mount Tauro, enjoys the view from above, while Giardini Naxos is all spread out on its long sandy beaches…Read more


From Taormina you can go to Castelmola (km 10 ca. dal7) reached by car from SP 10 or by bus with the Bus Company INTERBUS with departures from Taormina or on foot with the trail of Saracens ..Per saperne di più