Beaches of Giardini Naxos and Taormina

The many beaches of Giardini Naxos
Besides the beach in front of the hotel, in Giardini Naxos you might change type of beach every day: within the bay there is a wide variety of sand, dephts and shores.

Boat Trips

At the hotel you can book a boat trip to explore the rocky coast of Taormina: it can be nicer to see from the sea the small coves of Taormina (which are very scenic but rocky, reachable only with long stairs from the street and unfortunately often overcrowded). With the boat instead, you can swim in the points you prefer and see the bay of Giardini framed by green hills and Mount Etna.

The beach opposite Hotel Palladio

To go to the beach from the Hotel Palladio you only have to cross the road, the promenade just in front of the hotel, and the go down ten steps to the beach which here is sandy, medium-fine grain with few pebbles, with a soft shore where to walk and a very clear sea water. For about five meters from the shore the water is low and allows you to walk and the seabed is sandy at the beginning and then, when it gets deeper, it becomes stony, which makes the water perfectly transparent, with iridescent colours.
Our guests can choose whether to take advantage of the discount applied to them by the lido (located in front on the right), equipped with parasols and deck-chairs, renting canoes and boats or go to the free beach (located in front on the to the left) for which we provide parasol free of charge.
Beach towels are always provided free of charge from the hotel.


If you enjoy snorkelling a few metres to the left you will find reefs with colourful colonies of fishes and starfish.
Se vi piace lo snorkeling lungo tutta la baia di Naxos, troverete secche e scogli con colonie di pesci variopinti e stelle marine, è possibile prenotare in Hotel mini immersioni o snorkeling nella riserva marina dell’isola Bella o nella baia di Naxos

La spiaggia dei coloni

Behind the wall of the ancient Naxos, you can lay in the sun on the beach where the first Greek settlers landed in the VII century B.C., small but lovely, is surrounded by lava rocks and you can enjoy a splendid view of the volcano.


Besides the beach in front of the hotel, in Giardini Naxos you might change type of beach every day: within the bay there is a wide variety of sand, dephts and shores. You may see one right after the other long stretches of the finest golden sand with turquoise lagoons formed by low shores and small creeks wedged between points of lava rock, there are big facilities equipped for water sports and games for children, and long free beaches with a view that ranges from Etna to the coast of Calabria.


To get to Recanati, you can take the Interbus which stops in front of our hotel, on the inner road, in front of San Giovanni bar or you can walk for about 700 meters then, instead of heading to the port, take the road on the right and proceed along an avenue lined with palm trees that will take you right at the beginning of Recanati. You can find free beaches and lidi. You can take the kids to the playground “Naxoslandia” with bumper cars, springs and a large water slide and adults can enjoy simple water skiing and parachuting or rent a jet ski and diving.
Taormina beaches
Easily reachable from Hotel Palladio with a beautiful boat trip that will allow me to admire from the sea the beauty of the cliffs and caves along the way.

Isola bella

You can reach it by bus to Taormina, which passes in front of the Hotel, once you get to Capo Taormina and go straight for 200 meters, then you will find a long stairway will take you to the sea. There are several beaches, the beach is pebbly with large stones and relatively small, the seabed rich of seaweed but the water is crystal clear and the views offered from this small island covered in green is truly lovely. The island and the surrounding coastline is WWF protected reserve, there is a little maritime museum located on the outré villa (fruit of the bizarre fantasy of an architect of the ’60s) built on the island Bella. You can visit it all day.

Baia di Mazzaro'

Immediately after the bay of Isola Bella there is the Mazzarò bay. Beautiful little bay where there are a couple of trendy beaches and luxury hotels, unfortunately, often overcrowded and populated by jellyfish, but the scenery is magnificent and you can take the cableway from Mazzarò to the center of Taormina. The beach is also home to the local scuba diving school.


Follow the SS. 114 for 6 km. towards Messina and passed the exit, there is a parked zone after 300 meters, you will find the stairs to the right for the sea. Spisone is situated between spectacular white rocks on the north by large dry (an excellent site for underwater fishing), a steep hill call “U Scugghiazzu” a barren rock, wild beautiful island. It is the most popular area from Taormina (hence part of a road in five minutes takes you to Taormina to the large parking Lumbi) with a public beach, volleyball pitch and several beaches including one where the evening you can dance. You can then continue for about a kilometer to the village of Letojanni where, under the palm trees of Piazza Durante, you can taste a special ice-cream on Nini bar.